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RF Products
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Products on this page may have
previously been offered by
Zygo Systems Limited
Most popular products include

RF & IR Audience Response Systems for Interactive Voting

Customized IR Handsets

RF Product design

RFID, RF and IR Remote Controls and Interactive Voting Equipment

Goods are dispatched from our warehouse. Payments may be made to factorydirect by a variety of methods including Cheque, TT and other popular payment methods.

  Av Presenter IR Remote Control

AV Products

Surplus Electronic Components Bought

Infra-Red Products

RF Products

Obsolete Components

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avpresenter.html AV Presenter
avorder.html Ordering Information
avpprice.html AV Presenter Presenter Price List
avpresenttech.html AV Presenter Technical Details
avpresentuse.html AV Presenter user examples
irhome.html Infra Red Home Page
ircustomhandset.html Remote Control for OEM's and Distributors
irhandsetcase.html Remote Control Handset Cases
irdecoder.html IR Decoder Chips
irkeyfob.html Infra Red KeyFob
irreceiver.html Infra Red to RS232 Interface
irreceivercase.html A smart Case with Red Filter
irdetector.html 38kHz Infra Red Detector

mouldedcables.html 9 Way Female D Connector with Moulded Cable
9mto25fadapter.html 9 Way Male to 25 Way Female Connector
irsoftware.html Windows 95/98 Infra red Remote Control Tester
irtestbox.html IR Remote Control Handset Tester
ir order IR Ordering Information
ir components IR Components
irprices IR Product Prices
ir products IR Products
irsl486.html SL486 ic
irmv601.html MV601 ic

ir handsetcase technical.htmll IR Handset case Technical
rfhome.html RF and Radio Products Home Page
rfcustomhandset.html Remote Control for OEM's and Distributors
rfhandsetcase.html Remote Control Handset Cases
mouldedcables.html 9 Way Female D Connector with Moulded Cable
rfdecoder.html RF Decoder chips
rfkeyfob.html RF Key Fob Transmitter
rfreceiver.html RF to RS232 Receivers
rfreceivercase.html RF Receiver Case
2_4ghz_tx_rx.html 2.4GHz Transceiver Module
2_4ghzrfmodule.html 2.4GHz Transceiver Module Modules
rfsoftware.html RF Remote Control Tester
9mto25fadapter.html 9 Way Male to 25 Way Female Connector
rf prices.html RF Product Prices
2_4ghz_tx_rx_tech.html 2.4GHz Transceiver Module Technical
rf order.html RF Ordering Information
rfproducts.html RF Products
2_4ghzrxmoduletechnical.html 2.4GHz Module Technical
rf components.html RF Components and Accessories
rf handset case technical.html RF Handset Case Technical
obsolete Hard to find Components
componentshome Electronics Components Home Page
componentsorder Components Ordering Information
termsandconditions Terms and Conditions
wanted Electronic Components Bought

4000 4000 Series ic's
8000 8000 Series ic's
ca3140e CA3140E ic
chip carrier SMD 16 Way Adapter Plug
dg508 DG508AAK, DG508ACJ ic's
icpriceindex IC Price Index
ip3824n IP3824N ic
lm LM Series ic's
max MAX Series ic's
mfq990c MFQ990C ic
plessey Obsolete Plessey ic's
sl SL Series ic's
sn741751 SN741751 ic
tda TDA Series ic's
tlo TLO Series ic's
ua324pc UA324PC ic
uc3842 UC 3842 ic
2n4393 2N4393 Transistor
2n5566 2N5566 Transistor
bcw BCW Series Transistor SMD
bcx BCX Series Transistor SMD
bfx BFX Series Transistor
fmmt FMMT Series Transistor SMD
mmbta MMBTA Series Transistor SMD
transistorpriceindex Transistor Price Index
vn VN Series Transistor
ztx ZTX Series Transistor

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