AV PRESENTERTechnical Information

The AV PRESENTER is a full function random access infra red remote control for use with the 5000, 7000 and 9000 series of Kodak Ektapro Slide Projectors. The remote control allows you to control each projector independently or as a pair with the facility to cross fade between projectors.

FADE: This button allows you to select the fade speed between slide changes, the time can be selected from 0 to 9 seconds. The fade speed selected also controls the fade time when toggling the lamp ON or OFF. Note: This function programmes the fade speed , it does not perform the fade.

LAMP: By pressing the lamp button the lamp is toggled at the selected fade speed.

0-9: These buttons allow you to directly select the slide of your choice. Just select a 2 digit number and the current projector will go directly to the slide requested.

FORWARD: Selecting forward automatically advances to the next slide.

REVERSE: Selecting reverse automatically retards one slide.

FOCUS +: Will adjust the focus.

FOCUS -: Will adjust the focus in the opposite direction to the command above.

AF: Pressing AF on projectors with the AF facility will automatically select the auto focus mode. On all future slide changes your projector will automatically auto focus your slides. Pressing FOCUS + or FOCUS - will put the projector back into the manual mode.

CLEAR: If you start to select a facility and change your mind

P1: Pressing P1 will select Projector 1, all commands that follow will now apply to P1.

P2: Pressing P2 will select Projector 2, all commands that follow will now apply to P2.

X fade: Pressing X will fade down the current projector and fade up the other projector at the same time. The speed of the fade is from 0 to 9 seconds and is set by the FADE command.

PRESENT: Each time this button is pressed the projectors X fade from the current projector to the non active projector, on completion of the cross fade the non displaying projector is automatically advanced to the next slide ready for the continuation of your presentation.

SBY: Puts projectors into standby, pressing again releases projectors from standby.

 Connecting Your AV PRESENTER

 For normal use connect your AV PRESENTER as shown above.

When using 7000 or 9000 projectors make sure both projectors have their address switches set to 0.

If the projectors need to be daisy chained then connect as above.

When using 7000 or 9000 projectors make sure one projector address switch is set to 0 and the other to 1.

Note : The AV PRESENTER operates without the need of expansion cards. If your projector has an expansion card fitted, it should be removed to guarantee correct operation.

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