Windows 95, 98, 2000 & XP Remote Control Tester

(Option RF Tester for 418, 434 868 mhz)

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Allows Automatic Testing of Handsets ( ATU )

A Remote can always be tested on the equipment that it has been designed for, but can you guarantee every function has been tested? Also with our IR Tester the operator requires no understanding of the equipment being tested. The Infra Red Tx / Rx Simulator allows manufactures, developers and maintenance personnel a convenient tool for testing both Handsets and Receiver Products.

History of the Product

The Tester system was designed for in house testing of remote handsets. The software was first written for use with MS DOS. It has now been upgraded for Windows 95 / 98 (TM). Thousands of handsets have been tested using the software described below.

The Tester gives a easy to use environment for Handset testing.


 Using the software program.

Click on Drop Down Menu List

Select a Remote Control from the list

All the Keys used on the selected Remote Control Type selected will light up Orange, the other keys are dimmed.

Press the handset keys in any order on the handset.

When a key is pressed (and operates correctly) the key colour will change from Orange to Green indicating the keys that have passed the test so far.

If the Sound is box is checked then a click is heard from the Computer (Click.wav)

When the last key is pressed an audio confirmation is heard confirming all keys have been tested successfully (AllOk.wav).

The display automatically re-sets all keys to the untested state (Orange), so the next handset may be tested.

The user does not need to press any keys when testing a batch of the same type of Handsets making this a speedy operation.

If any handset key does not operate correctly the user can reset all the keys by pressing the Reset Button.

Receiver Tester

The Tester allows testing of the receiver without the use of a handset. Checking the receiver sensitivity with a handset held by hand can give misleading results as some handsets are quite directional.

Using the IR Interface allows a calibrated Infra Red level to be sent to the unit under test giving confidence that the receiver will operate at a given range. Normally the IR Emission is set to 1/25 normal Power.

A receiver working at 1 metre with the I R Tester would operate at 25 metres with a Production Handset.

Testing an I R Receiver

Click the Drop Down Menu List

Select required Remote Control from the list

All the Keys used on the Remote Control Type selected will light up Orange, all other keys are dimmed.

Press the left mouse key when on any button on the handset image, the corresponding key will change to green and an signal will be emitted to activate the Receiver being tested.

An option features include an Auto Key Generator.

If the TX continuous box is checked, then the last key to be selected will be repeated sent (ideal for software tests or checking the range of a product ). The Delay Box sets the repeat times.

A wobble can be added, this randomly changes the delay by up to one second

The Click.wav and AllOk.wav files can be changed. You could therefore record instructions on your wav file.

How the System Works

A small interface box is connected to the computer Com port. The Com Port provides power for the unit. The interface box contains

RS 232 Serial Interface
Micro Controller
IR Emitter

IR Receiver

When the software is used a Com Status check is carried out on the computer. This will check which ports are available. The Interface Unit should be plugged into the first available Com Port. No other Set Up is required.

Product Summary


Drop Down Menu List Select the Handset
Reset Clear's Keys Pressed on Handset (ready to Test New Handset)
Sound Effect On Click.wav is heard for each press of Handset Tester

AllOk.wav is heard when All keys have been successfully activated

Handset Key Display Keys to be Pressed (Orange) or Keys successfully Checked (Green)
Connect to Comport (n) shows the Comport the Interface Box will use



Drop Down Menu List Select the Handset Required
Reset Not Used
TX continuous Sends last Command at the rate set in the Delay Box (default 1Sec)
Vary Delay wobble Randomly changes the TX time by 0 to +1 Second
Sound Effect On Click.wav is heard on each press of Handset Simulator
Handset Key Display Keys that may be used are coloured Orange. The Key momentarily changes to green when pressed
Connect to Comport (n) shows the Comport used by the Interface Box. The same Comport is used for both I. R. Tx and Rx



Baud Rate 9600,n,8,2
Connection 9 Pin Din Moulded lead
Power Via Com Port
IR Power Variable Normally set to 1/25 standard handset i.e. 1Metre = 25Metres



Single Copy of I. R. Tester

£ 700.00

Single Copy of I. R. Tester with Auto IR Generator

£ 800.00

Multiple Copies of I. R. Tester at 1 site*

£ 1,400.00

Multiple Copies of I. R. Tester with Auto IR Generator 1 site*

£ 1,500.00

Source Code of the above*

£ 1,700.00

Interface Box

£ 68.00

Custom Software for specific I. R. codes not previously used

£ 225.00

Interface Box Source Code ST6 (ST6T10B6SWD)

£ 500.00

Interface Box Source Code Microchip (PIC16C54)

£ 800.00

* Any additional number of copies may be made FOC

Terms and Conditions specific to this software

All prices are for copies of the software used at one permanent location. Further copies may be used FOC at temporary locations (exhibitions, on laptops used by employee's for Demonstrations etc)

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